Hi, I'm Danny.

After many years of working in the traditional way of sacrificing my time for money I knew deep down inside I had to find something that was more fulfilling,

I had always been successful in my own way I left school with no idea of what I wanted to do so I got a job working for a fruit and vegetable company it gave me an income and for many years I settled for this.

I worked my way up through this company eventually training and becoming an agronomist and working in Cambridgeshire where the salary was good and the new company car was nice but I wasn't totally content.

I would ask myself there must be more to life so I left this company and then got into sales where I realised I enjoyed interacting and helping people.

I then went onto to work at the Halifax property services and again worked my way up through the corporate ladder but again I was asking myself the same question is this it? although I was doing well and became a branch manager again I wasn't fulfilled.

I then met the girl of my dreams and we decided to get married. We then both decided to move to Spain and open up our own business an Indian Restaurant which was very challenging and for the first 5 years was very rewarding.

We had two amazing children

and a great lifestyle the money was coming in but I wasn't spending any time at home with my family and then eventually the cracks started to appear due to the amount of work and time needed to make the business work it took its toll on my marriage which eventually broke down in 2017 although I found this to be the most challenging time of my life it also gave me a chance to take stock of my life and made me realise that money doesn't always make you happy its all about balance and doing something that makes you happy and fulfilled.

So after taking three months away to cycle around Malaysia, Indonesia and India

I came back with a completely different mindset in search of something fulfilling.

I searched the internet and came across this amazing opportunity where I could make a living on my terms through digital marketing.

This new laptop lifestyle gave me the freedom I had always dreamed of and now I am committed to sharing this with you.

Hence the reason why I set up Your Unique lifestyle !!